Learn why effective classroom organization and management is crucial for student learning, and how you can make sure your room is running as smoothly as possible  - Absolutely FREE!
for Grades K-5
What You Will Learn On This 1-Hour Free Webinar:
What teachers need to think about on a daily basis (besides teaching): planning, preparing for, and running class and group learning activities, transitioning from one activity to another, turning in, grading, and passing back assignments, keeping track of missing papers, setting aside work for absent students, communicating with parents...want me to keep going? Because I can.

If you're a teacher, you know how much there is to manage when running a classroom. With so much to worry about, it's easy to see how classroom management skills can keep your head above water. But did you know that almost all surveys show that classroom management skills are of primary importance in determining teaching success?

That means that your students' learning largely depends on how well you manage everything that happens in your classroom.

In this training, we'll talk in detail about ways that you can spend less time micro-managing what happens in your room every day, and more time focusing on teaching and student learning.
Here are the 4 areas of effective classroom organization and management that we'll cover in the webinar:
Clearing the Clutter and Getting Organized
Learn not only ways that you can get all your classroom supplies organized, but how to easily keep them that way
Organizing Student Work and Streamlining Grading
Make this time-intensive part of your classroom student-led and self-managed so you can earn back your time
Positively Managing Student Behavior
Learn how to create classroom habits and reward systems that motivate students to stay focused and engaged in learning
Clear and Concise Parent Communication
Easily keep parents in-the-know so they know how to support all your hard work at home.
You'll walk away from the webinar with everything you will need to know to create a classroom environment where students are more likely to succeed, all while earning possible relicensure points or professional development credit! You don't want to miss this!

Hope to see you there!

Cassie Tabrizi

M.Ed. - Instructional Design
Founder of Create-abilities

Certificate of Completion

Redeem this free certificate for 
possible professional development credit or relicensure points

Who's it for?

Teachers of Grades K-5 
Cassie Tabrizi
M.Ed. Instructional Design
Founder of Create-abilities.com
Who's it for?
Teachers of Grades 1-5
Certificate of Completion
Redeem this free certificate for possible professional development credit or relicensure points
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