Learn how to implement powerful, engaging, differentiated literacy centers in your classroom in an organized and manageable way  - Absolutely FREE!
for Grades K-5
What You Will Learn On This 1-Hour Free Webinar:
Teachers know how well-run literacy centers can help their students develop critical reading and literacy skills. But that doesn't mean doing literacy centers regularly is an easy task.

Just some of the questions we get on literacy centers: What should I make sure I cover during literacy centers? How do I manage student behavior when I'm busy running guided reading groups? How many groups should I be rotating? How do I do centers regularly and still keep them engaging? How do I differentiate centers so that every student is progressing? How am I supposed to keep up with all the prep work required for every center?

If you're feeling overwhelmed, I think it's safe to say you're not alone.

Whether you're still trying to set up your literacy centers, or you're already up and running, this webinar will guide you through ways to differentiate, improve, and simplify your literacy centers.
Here are the 6 steps that we'll cover in the webinar:
Create a Vision for Your Classroom
Learn how to determine things like how many centers you should have, the purpose for each center, and timing.
Create the Materials Needed
Make your centers powerful and flexible with the right materials. Learn what to get, and how you can make it affordable!
Set Up Differentiated Literacy Groups
Ability-group your students, and learn how to make each center work for every student's learning level
Set Up and Run Your Centers
Make the most of your centers by learning how you can set up your centers in minutes, and what to do during centers
Tracking and Grading
Learn how to easily track and grade each student's progress during literacy centers
Storing and Organizing Materials
Get tips on how to keep your centers organized so you spend less time preparing materials, and more time teaching
You'll walk away from the webinar with everything you will need to know to easily implement well-run literacy centers in your classroom, all while earning possible relicensure points or professional development credit! You don't want to miss this!

Hope to see you there!

Cassie Tabrizi

M.Ed. - Instructional Design
Founder of Create-abilities

Certificate of Completion

Redeem this free certificate for 
possible professional development credit or relicensure points

Who's it for?

Teachers of Grades K-5 
Cassie Tabrizi
M.Ed. Instructional Design
Founder of Create-abilities.com
Who's it for?
Teachers of Grades 1-5
Certificate of Completion
Redeem this free certificate for possible professional development credit or relicensure points
for Grades K-5
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