Learn how you can use open-ended math tasks to teach your students valuable mathematical problem-solving skills while deepening student engagement, understanding, and retention - Absolutely FREE!
For Grades K-5
What You Will Learn On This 1-Hour Free Webinar:
Even if you've heard of open-ended math tasks, it's likely that you have yet to try them in your classroom. And trust me, you're missing out! This slight tweak to math tasks completely changed my math block, and for good reason.

After I started using them, every student in my room became more capable and independent math thinkers. And perhaps more importantly, they became confident problem-solvers because they knew what strategies to apply when. If you're skeptical, so was I. It took me four days of training before I even wanted to try them in my classroom. But once I did, I never went back.

In this training, we'll talk in detail about what open-ended math tasks are, and why they're so powerful. I'll also show you everything you'll need to know to implement open-ended math tasks into your math block right away.
Here are the 6 steps to implementing Open-Ended Math Tasks that we'll cover in the webinar:
Setting Up a Supportive Environment
Learn how to create a safe place for students to take risks, try new strategies, and develop confidence with math
Using Math Tasks In Your Room
Make the most out of open-ended math tasks by learning how to prepare, and what to do during math tasks
Setting Up Differentiated Groups
Promote classroom discussion by reaching every learner with the same fun and engaging math lesson
Creating Open-Ended Math Tasks
Learn how to take a standard math task and make it open-ended
Tracking and Grading
Learn how to easily track and grade each student's work during math tasks
Using Exit Tickets with Math Tasks
Use exit tickets to quickly assess students for understanding and retention, and tailor your teaching as you go
You'll walk away from the webinar with everything you will need to know to implement this unique and powerful strategy in your room, all while earning possible relicensure points or professional development credit! You don't want to miss this!

Hope to see you there!

Cassie Tabrizi

Founder of Create-abilities

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possible professional development credit or relicensure points

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Teachers of Grades K-5 
Cassie Tabrizi
M.Ed. Instructional Design
Founder of Create-abilities.com
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Teachers of Grades 1-5
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Redeem this free certificate for possible professional development credit or relicensure points
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